Preserving infrastructure for a better future

Maximize infrastructural lifetime​

Enable components to be reused​

Optimize the use of resources and materials​

What we do


Extending the lifetime and quality of infrastructure is vital for future generations when it comes to the environmental challenges we’re facing. Our mission is to preserve old and forthcoming infrastructure to contribute to a more sustainable future.

River under trees


We work towards becoming a world leading company in infrastructure technologies that aid the environment on behalf of the globe.
vision for the future


We all have a responsibility to take care of the world. By developing sustainable solutions we believe we can benefit the world we live in, for this and future generations.

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Our journey

The Birdsview team laughing in sun

Birdsview was founded in 2017 by Olav Skogen and Simen Husøy while they were students at NTNU. Birdsview began developing technology targeting the rot in the wooden poles of the power grid. Since then, we have expanded our ambition to encompass the preservation of infrastructure for the future.

We have now grown into a multidisciplinary team of 8 full-time employees. In recent years, we’ve also had periods with part-time students and summer interns. In 2021 the company moved from Trondheim and is now based in Bergen. We’re excited to see where our journey will lead us!

Meet the team

Portrait of Olav

Olav Skogen

CEO and Co-Founder

Started his first company at the age of 19.

Portrait of Simen

Simen Husøy

CTO and Co-Founder

Always have a technical solution to any problem, whether the problem is technical or not.

Åsne Ådland-Dale

Head of Strategy and Business Development

Creative soul in a strategic shirt, who enjoys searching for new, smarter, and more sustainable ways to conduct business.

Kristoffer Baastad

Head of Sales and Marketing

Hunting high and low for potential ways our customers can make use of our services. Also, he brings pastries to meetings.

Portrait of Sondre

Sondre Nærland

Product and Customer Manager

Before he joined Birdsview, he started a bar with his friends that soon became the third largest in Trondheim.

Victoria Mathisen

Customer Success Manager

Has lived in 5 different countries and can converse in 5 different languages.

Portrait of Ole Håkon

Ole Håkon Ødegaard

Head of Software Development

Former owner and CTO of a student consultant company in Trondheim.

Portrait of Max

Max Moeschinger

Full-Stack Developer

Built the second largest racing drone shop in Norway from his basement.

Portrait of Johan

Johan Besse Stamnes

Computational Scientist

Besse is a flight-nerd, knowing considerably more than necessary about flights and aviation. Consequently, he is a Microsoft Flight Simulator guru.

Portrait of Dino

Dinoshan Thiagarajah

DSP Engineer

Build the first four-wheel electric race car in Norway that competed in international championships.

Endre Dåvøy

DSP Engineer

Before he joined Birdsview, he worked in Orbit NTNU – designing the world’s first satellite enabling you to take a selfie from space. It is actually orbiting the earth now.

Sondre Husøy

Computational Scientist

Develops video games in his spare time and has launched a game on steam in collaboration with Hackerspace NTNU.

The board

Gunnar Hvammen

Entrepreneur and investor

Erik Bakstad
Board Member

CEO and co-founder of Ardoq

Andreas Tufteland Engelsen
Board Member

CEO in Eviny Ventures

Iris Krigsvoll Auran
Board Member

Venture Capital at Hafslund

Karina Halstensen Birkelund
Board Member

Investment Manager at Farvatn