Customer Stories

The product we provide has been tested and reviewed by some of our customers, who are specialists in their field of work. Check out the reviews and find out more about their experiences. 

Richard Ryland

Rakkestad Nett AS

“The analyzes provided by the Birdsview Inspect are very accurate. The product gives a precise image of core rot, and the results match well with the impression you get by taking core samples of the pole.”

Stefan Jostål

Vattenfall Services Nordic AB

“The solution was surprisingly user-friendly and smooth to work with. It worked really well and we do not see any direct disadvantage with the solution”

Jon-Martin Kvarme

Lysna AS

“The product is very intuitive. It is easy to learn and easy to use!”

Henry Gunleiksrud

Stannum AS

“We experienced some aha-moments on poles we thought were good but which the Birdsview Inspect showed was weakened. The same was true for poles we thought were weakened, but which the product showed were healthy. The Birdsview Inspect is accurate, and where there is rot, the product will find it!”