Birdsview is a leading company in the use of GPR-technology on wooden materials

Wood serves as a sustainable and carbon-neutral alternative to other materials like concrete or steel, and by using less concrete or steel and more wood, it is estimated that the global carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 8%. To enable more wooden infrastructures, asset owners are in need of better tools to monitor the health and structural integrity of their wooden assets. Birdsview is leading the way by enabling Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to be used for assessing wooden materials.

Utility poles

Wooden utility poles have stood the test of time, and remain the top choice for the power grid, and railways. They provide greater environmental benefits and cost-efficient pricing. In order to realise these benefits however, it is necessary ensure the safety and longevity of the wooden poles. This is where Birdsview’s solution comes in.

Living trees

Living trees lining streets or parks are simple yet effective in making spaces greener and more pleasant. However, unhealthy or unstable trees in public spaces can pose safety risks for communities, therefore monitoring their health is vital.

Construction and buildings

Wooden structures are susceptible to rot and other issues that commonly affect wooden materials. Using Birdsview’s product can help ensure the longevity of wooden buildings.

Forest and lumber

Birdsview’s product can be used to assess the condition of timber before it is further refined into wooden materials or poles. This allows forestry companies to harvest wood of only the best quality.

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