Birdsview Inspect

Digitalizes and automates condition assessment of utility poles

Birdsview Inspect provides accurate and efficient monitoring and analysis of wooden utility poles. Get instant visuals on internal rot deposits and strength without damaging the pole. 

How it works

Field inspection

Gather accurate data in the field with our user-friendly and lightweight ground-penetrating radar (GPR). 

Instant feedback

The system executes automated analysis on the data and provides visual representations of rot deposits within the pole. Remaining pole strength becomes available instantly in the field.

Proactive maintenance

Monitor the current state of your utility poles from a bird’s-eye view and gain the insight you need to predict future needs and maintenance. 

Value proposition

Extend lifetime of infrastructure and reduce costs 

Increase safety 

Increase safety 

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Product specification

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We transform data into unique insight. 

Let us help you assess, monitor and predict the health of your assets – and discover the power of knowing!